Altra Glare 4 Mil

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Mylar material, 4 mil
Item Number: ALT4
Altra Glare is our economical Mylar Shade Material
It is 4 mils thick (metallic center reflective layer).
It will provide 100% Optical Clarity.
It will eliminate 100% of the glare
It will keep your space 100% cooler (internal heat reflecting layer)

The 4 mil construction is durable. It has a scratch-resistant coating (room-side only).
Neutral bronze or black will not change the way colors appear.
Approved by the Coast Guard for use in merchant and cruise ships.
Meets IMO codes: Glare and Reflection Avoidance Removable Sunscreens Reflection in Windows

We also offer a complete line of 3 & 4 mil shade materials with gold or silver back.

Test Results:

Altra-Glare Mylar Shading Material
Construction: 2 Play Metalized/BG 4 Mils
Mill is an ISO Registered Company

Test Date: June 8, 2001
Product has remained consistent to the following:

% Solar Transmittance: 8.8
% Solar Reflectance: 58.3
% Solar Absorbance: 58.3
% Visible Transmittance: 6.5
% Weighted Ultraviolet Transmittance: 0 – 1
Shading Coefficient .18
% Solar Energy Rejected 83.7
The following is calculated for winter conditions:
U-Factor 1.06