Tractor Tugs

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Shade brackets are pre-installed onto 1” aluminum bars which can be made
wider than the radius corner of the window to allow the shade to come down
and cover the entire window.

This style shade installation is shown with Spring-Roller type shades.
Handles are mounted on the bottom rail of the shade for easy operation.
Shades are made with our Magnetic Hold-Down System to hold the shade
in place under constant tension.


Over-head shades are made as bottom-up. They use our Hook & Loop
System to hold them in place under constant tension.

Holds bottom of shade to eliminate swinging.
Bottom bar of shade (back) has two 3/8” Neodymium 6lb magnets
at each end. Two 1 1/2” steel (zinc-plated) angle irons are supplied
to be mounted onto the window bottom as shown below.

Inside Mounted Shades
Mount Angle Iron on bottom of window

Outside Mounted Shades
Mount Angle Iron under window