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Mylar Shades for Navigation

It is well known that Mylar Shades are very important to navigation when going into the sun.  Bright sun glare can be blinding, and very dangerous.  We have been told by several captains of situations where accidents were averted because they had our Mylar shades installed.  The cost of our high quality Mylar Shades is a good […]

Metro Marine Mylar Shades most DURABLE anywhere!

Metro Marine Design manufactures our own shades to the highest quality and durability standards.  our Glarex 5 is the heaviest and most durable mylar shade material available anywhere in the world! All machanical components used to make our shades are corrosion resistant, and superior quality to meet the dificult demands of marine use.  We have over 30 years […]

Metro Marine now uses Magnetic Hold-Down system for shades!

Metro Marine Design has changed it’s shade hold down system from Velcro to Magnets. We now use 6 lb Neodymium disk magnets to hold the bottom of both Mylar transparent shades, and blackout roller shades.  This keeps the shades from swinging. The magnetic hold down system is easier to use, and more reliable.  Neodymium rare Earth magnets are […]

Mylar Sun Shades

Use of Mylar Sun Shades has grown as more and more people become aware of the benefits. Sun glare at the wrong time can result in accidents, injuries, or even death! Metro Marine manufactures high quality Mylar Sun Shades for any shape or style of window. We offer several operating systems to satisfy any need.  […]

Mylar Shades save lives!

Work boats of all sizes have been turning to Mylar shades for use in the wheelhouse.  Mylar Shades reduce or eliminate sun glare, making it possible to see obstacles or small vessels that might be in their path.  The use of Mylar Shades has increased safety and has saved lives.


GLAREX 5 – The Best Mylar Shade Material Available in the World! Glarex 5 is a three ply mylar sheet, 5 mils thick, if it were any thicker, it wouldn’t roll.  Glarex 5 has a scratch resistant coating.  The center layer is silver metallic to reflect heat and glare. Glarex 5 is approved by the Coast Guard, IMO, […]

Mylar Shades for navagation

When navigating a large or small ship, complete clear visibility is essential.  If the Sun is very bright, and glare is coming off the water, it is possible not to see a small vessel or other object in front of your vessel.  Mylar Sun Screen Shades are retractable, and allow for clear sharp visibility when […]